Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful: The Ultimate Guide For Beginner (2024)

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Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful: The Ultimate Guide For Beginner (2024)

Table of Contents

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Video is used by marketers to advertise products and services in different ways. Landing sites, social media, webinars, and emails use videos. Videos can introduce brands and build client loyalty.


According to HubSpot, businesses publish 18 videos every month. This data point shows the video’s rising popularity and marketing worth. What’s the meaning? Video is a crucial aspect of internet marketing. Competitors may exceed you.

Video marketing may help you develop your business, generate sales, and convert more clients.

Why video marketing is so powerful?

Why video marketing is so powerful?

Promoting your business using videos is essential. More than 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2023, making video a permanent part of the field of digital marketing.

1. Video boosts SEO.

66% of HubSpot poll respondents visited a marketer’s site after seeing a branded video. High-quality video may improve viewer engagement and customer interest, leading to site traffic. Google ranks traffic and click-throughs highly. Higher search engine rankings mean more visitors and clicks.

Video’s responsiveness across devices makes SEO easier. Youtube and Vimeo accommodate multiple screen sizes and are mobile-friendly, so you can reach more people.

Google’s search algorithm favors video-rich pages. Businesses should use videos as part of their digital marketing strategy.

These video SEO tactics might boost your video marketing.

Shorten videos. Shorter videos receive more views. It’s important to communicate quickly. Four minutes is enough. Longer videos may lose viewers.

Video transcript. Transcribing video audio helps Google crawlers scan your content more properly. This improves your site’s searchability.

Video-optimize. Adding titles, descriptions, and meta tags using a video editor tool improves search engine crawling.

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2. Video increases page views.

According to TJ McCue’s Forbes article, users spend 88% more time on video-rich websites. Adding movies or music using a music visualizer to website pages can enhance visitor engagement.

Most individuals prefer watching videos over reading. Second, visual explanations help individuals retain knowledge better. Creating product videos, how-tos, or demos increases reach and retention. VideoWise’s shoppable videos enhance eCommerce sales.

3. The videos are engaging.

Videos hold viewers’ attention better than words. Why? Videos combine sight and sound. Videos are loud and fast-paced.

Humans have incredible vision. According to Minnesota research, individuals perceive pictures 60,000 times quicker than text.

Most brain information is visual. Therefore viewers will recall a video message better than words. The average viewer recalls 95% of a viewed message, compared to 10% of reading material.

4. Video sells better.

Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics for 2016 says adding videos to a product page may improve conversions by 80% or more.

Video replaces a picture, increasing conversions.


Video shows the goods or services better. Engaged video viewers will remember the message. Video increases brand trust among viewers. Trust can lead to conversions.

5. Sharing videos is easy.

Wordstream data shows that social video is shared more than text and images combined. According to Sales and Marketing Solutions, video is shared 20 times more on LinkedIn than in other formats. How popular are videos? They’re entertaining and give practical advice.

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Vimeo have shoppable videos.

If you’re contemplating introducing video to your marketing approach, debate budget and ROI with your team. Consider which videos work best for your brand to maximize your marketing costs.

Video marketing strategy

Video marketing strategy

Video marketing isn’t new. Like you wouldn’t produce a Super Bowl ad without studying and strategizing, you shouldn’t develop a digital marketing video without first researching and planning. Video marketing strategy includes budget, schedules, production procedures, conversion analytics, and more. This should be your first step in video making.

Set video goals

First, define your video’s goal. Create a video for each marketing funnel level. First, you must determine which step to prioritize.

The observer becomes aware of difficulty or opportunity. This stage’s videos should attract new consumers to your brand.

The visitor thinks about how to deal with the situation. 

They’re studying, asking for tips, and checking product reviews to save money.

The solution is close, and you want to be remembered. Show your prospect client satisfaction and why your product or service is better.

Find Your Target Audience

Once you know which step of the marketing funnel to target, determine your audience. This is another important stage; a video without a target audience is more likely to fail. Those who should watch won’t, and those who do won’t convert. Who is your target audience?

Develop your buyer’s persona. If so, great! When designing products or services, companies often create buyer personas. Your video should target those who want to buy your goods.

With a buyer’s character, you’ll know your audience. To finish your audience strategy, determine:

This is your buyer’s persona.

Your video’s objective determines its place in the marketing funnel.

This will determine how you share your video.

You’ll know your target audience and how to engage them after answering these three questions.

Determine your story

Choosing a video’s story may be enjoyable and challenging. The following four aspects serve as your story’s structure.

  • Your target audience should be your protagonist’s aim.
  • Conflict is a consumer pain point.
  • Quest introduces your goods or service.
  • Resolution – This is how your product or service solves the issue.

Your tale should take the audience on a trip that aligns with your brand objective.

When writing your story, consider what emotion you want to evoke. Want laughter? Your video should inspire and delight viewers. Consider your audience’s feelings when you compose your script. Props, location, colors, and wardrobe all convey this, so select wisely.

Be creative

As you write your tale, consider who has to approve it (your boss, your company’s founder, your marketing department, etc.) and how long it will take to apply their recommendations. Scripting, messaging, and goal changes may ruin a production. These alterations are frequent. Check out our creative way to manage team feedback.

Follow your timeline

You should have a production timeline from creative inspiration through video distribution. Overall timetable, manufacturing timeline, distribution timeline, etc. Your timeline shows how much you’ve done and what’s left.

Every team needs deadlines. Marketing, manufacturing, and social media may have separate timelines. Keep everyone informed about schedules, revisions, and completion dates.

Budget sensibly

Money wins! Be realistic while planning and organizing. Without a budget, achieving your goals is difficult. Spend wisely. Choose what to create and what to outsource. Spend and save smartly.

Ask industry specialists how much they charge for certain services (scripting, sound editing, social media distribution, etc.) and a freelancer or full-time employee.

Most agencies are willing to provide information or referrals.

Some videos and features may cost extra, so do your research before deciding what to create.

Final Words

Overwhelmed? We know it’s a lot. This strategy should be your first step toward a successful video marketing strategy that changes how your organization views video. If you’re exploring adding video to your marketing, meet with our team to discuss budget and ROI. To optimize your marketing budget, choose the best videos for your company.

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