How To Leverage Linkedin For Marketing? Useful Hacks to grow your business in 2024

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How To Leverage Linkedin For Marketing? Useful Hacks to grow your business in 2024

Table of Contents

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With 810 million users as of February 2022, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most popular business-related social media platform. About one-quarter of all U.S. people are active on LinkedIn, with 22 % using the platform daily.


LinkedIn for marketing is used to find a job search, recruitment, social media, and networking service. It has more information about yourself than any other platform. On Twitter and Instagram, few know where you went to school or volunteered, but on LinkedIn, everyone can see it.

That’s why LinkedIn marketing seems different. Sharing updates and connecting with your network in the comments are still crucial parts of a well-rounded marketing approach.

What is Linkedin marketing?

You don’t have to be a professional or seek work to benefit from LinkedIn. While millions of people use LinkedIn daily to further their careers and expand their professional networks, the platform can also be used to grow a company’s customer base and revenue.Linkedin marketing

With the help of this social media platform, your company will have access to millions of potential contacts with whom you can forge meaningful relationships and ultimately strengthen your brand.

Primarily, LinkedIn serves as a platform for businesspeople to network with one another. The focus is on business-related matters, such as networking and advancing one’s career. 

LinkedIn is great for connecting with potential clients, employees, and business associates.

How effective is LinkedIn marketing?

In reality, Digital Vidya has gathered some mind-blowing information in the recent past.

93% of B2B marketers believe LinkedIn is the best location to win leads, making it the clear victor.

That’s a surefire way to attract potential customers.

Those numbers are promising, but LinkedIn has been generally overlooked for its potential to generate B2B leads.

To what end is that?

The short response is that contrary research has not shown such positive results.

Based on research conducted by HubSpot, it was shown that social media was not the primary source of new business for any given company.

Additionally, 64% of all business website traffic comes from members of LinkedIn.

While social media isn’t a fantastic place for B2B lead generation, the right approach can bring in a consistent supply of prospects.

It’s superior to every other social media site out there.

Yes, all popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter, count.

While this is a step in the right direction, it is not as effective as other lead-generating strategies, such as inside sales, blogging, or even telemarketing.

This, however, does not negate its usefulness.

It’s the complete opposite!

Tips for Linkedin Marketing

We will discuss important tips for LinkedIn campaign management in the following steps. 

1. Create a company profile

Create a business profile. LinkedIn has 500 million users. Most of their users aren’t in the U.S. It isn’t in the top 5. That suggests expansion is possible. Not being on LinkedIn means missing out on worldwide leads. You’ve exhausted your region, but not the planet.

Jeenam Infotech profile

Follow the below steps:

  • Create a business page to start.
  • Starting a page is free.
  • Enter your business name.
  • Add a photo.
  • No random image.
  • Create a brand-defining image.
  • No distracting pets. 
  • Create an About Us page that reflects your brand.
  • Place your website, industry, and other stuff underneath About Us.
  • It provides context without getting bogged down by your prose.
  • This will help you appear in LinkedIn searches.
  • Share your location. The more leads you know, the better.

2. Find connections and clients who are highly focused on your desired business

When it comes to LinkedIn marketing, it’s not so much about sending out promotional messages as it is about providing genuine value to your target audience. 

B2b companies who prioritize their audience’s informative requirements first make up 88% of the best achievers in content marketing.

So you should utilize LinkedIn to develop, distribute and publish material that fulfills some objective to educate, enlighten, guide, encourage, or entertain your audience. 

This raises the odds of attracting your audience to engage with your material and developing a relationship with you or your organization.

3. Use sponsored updates

Sponsored updates are paid promotions that help businesses get their content in front of LinkedIn users. 

This pay-per-click or ‘pay-per-1,000’ impression tool gives demographics comparable to other social platforms (location, gender, and age), but one crucial differentiator is the ability to personalize based on firm name, job title, job function, talents, school, and organizations.

Users may zero in on specific industries without wading through a sea of ads from businesses they are not interested in. 

With a compelling call to action, a sponsored update can effectively promote thought leadership content to the intended audience. 

People today would rather have something of value provided at no cost than being exposed to irrelevant advertising.

4. Post-high-quality content

Good content can be highly focused and should serve two aims. First, it should inform others how to solve an issue or execute their work better, and it then promotes you as a leading voice in that sector.Source
Each facet automatically leads to the additional business if you offer them actual value. It’s a no-brainer from a psychological standpoint, and it works.

5. Use the Matching Audiences option

Maybe you haven’t heard, but LinkedIn ads aren’t terrible anymore.

They are now an integral part of a well-honed instrument that can be used to promote a company to a targeted and potentially lucrative demographic.

Sponsored InMails, ordinary text adverts, and sponsored content can all be made.

LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences feature is handy for retargeting the leads who have already shown interest in your business.

Matched Audiences is Microsoft’s recent feature that helps optimize LinkedIn as an advertising platform.

You may target website visitors, existing account holders, and even email contacts using LinkedIn advertisements.

Simply said, it’s pretty unlikely that 98% of your website’s visitors will become customers after their first encounter with your site.

With retargeting already confirmed as a helpful technique for achieving that 98%, Matched Audience is an even more specialized tool than any, we’ve seen previously.

Final Words

The goal of your LinkedIn for marketing is to promote your business and make relationships on LinkedIn to boost your marketing efforts. To help customers identify with your company, fill out your profile with relevant information. Join groups, write valuable posts, and interact with your contacts to get the most out of LinkedIn.

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Bhargav is a talented writer, SaaS Link Builder, and SEO Specialist at Jeenam Infotech, a prominent technology company specializing in software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. With a strong passion for crafting engaging and informative content,He plays a pivotal role in enhancing the online visibility and organic reach of Jeenam Infotech and its clients.

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