How to do hyper-personalized Linkedin outreach to generate more revenue in 2024?

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How to do hyper-personalized Linkedin outreach to generate more revenue in 2024?

Table of Contents

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Getting individuals to respond to emails is becoming increasingly difficult. It is also becoming more difficult to communicate with individuals over the phone.

If you’re trying to reach out to a potential client through email or phone, you could be hard-pressed to stand out among the millions of other emails and calls that person receives every day.

One possible bright spot is LinkedIn’s outreach features. Salespeople who utilise LinkedIn are more likely to close deals than their non-user counterparts.

Pros of Using LinkedIn’s Automation Tools for Outreach

Pros of Using LinkedIn's Automation Tools for OutreachSource
What does your sales team stand to gain most from having LinkedIn Outreach activities automated?

a) Prospects can now be engaged via a new medium:

The most popular methods of contacting cold prospects have traditionally been emails and phone calls. However, if you can get LinkedIn functioning, you’ll have another outreach option.

b) Conversation boost:

With this new method of contacting leads, you can expect to have more productive discussions and schedule more in-person encounters. Since LinkedIn is a place where potential customers go to learn new things and discover resources, sending them a customised message in which you address their pain points increases the likelihood that they will respond.

c) Personalization:

The pinnacle of any successful marketing campaign is a personalised approach. But as we noted before, having to type out each letter, take the time to personalise every message, and reply to comments may be stressful when done on a large scale.

LinkedIn’s messaging automation features allow you to send out customised messages based on data about your leads in bulk. These programmes act in ways that are similar to how humans would, such as pausing for two minutes after receiving a request. To prevent your account from being blocked, the tools let you establish upper limitations on the tasks you wish to accomplish. And now that you have more time on your hands, you can focus on developing meaningful connections with interested leads.

d) Establish a strong sales network:

Building your own sales network and attracting new followers are two other benefits you can reap from utilising LinkedIn Automation in addition to assisting your company’s expansion through the scheduling of more meetings with potential clients. It’s important to be able to actively participate in your professional network through posts, comments, and shares that are both interesting and informative.

There is no better site to target professionals than LinkedIn, which has 750 million active members worldwide and is used by 9 out of 10 employees at any given firm. Using LinkedIn’s InMail and messaging services, salespeople may interact with leads in a social as well as professional context.

Therefore, you should incorporate LinkedIn outreach into your regular sales activities. LinkedIn is a great platform for networking, but if you really want to get results, you need to start doing things like this on a massive scale.

To answer the pressing topic of how inside sales teams may best utilise LinkedIn to complete deals, we have compiled the following five steps to take immediately.

1. Examine your prospect’s profile

Analysing the profile of your leads will allow you to do the following:

LinkedIn notifies the prospect that you’ve read their profile and provides you with a variety of information you can use to steer the discussion once you’ve gained their attention.

In the event that the prospect is unfamiliar with you, this notice will introduce you by name and provide an image of yourself, making your initial communication seem less intimidating.

Send a LinkedIn message to your prospect letting them know you’ve been checking over their profile. You may use this alert to introduce yourself and get on their radar.

2. The key is to find the link.

Findings from a poll of Business people and influencers show that just 4% have a positive opinion of a salesperson who contacts them out of the blue, whereas 87% have a positive opinion of a salesperson who is introduced to them through a mutual contact.

Business-to-business customers put a premium on recommendations from people they know and trust. Your chances of making progress with a potential purchaser greatly increase if you can establish a shared link to introduce you.

The best way to get introduced to someone is to find a mutual connection on LinkedIn.

3. Find a shared passion.

When evaluating a potential client’s LinkedIn page, it’s a good idea to look for similar ground.

Check out the material they are linking to and commenting on as well. Finding common ground may be as simple as discovering that they share information from the same sources or about the same topics that you do.

Look for a shared interest to discuss to ease the ice.

4. Your communication should be succinct and to the point.

Sending a prospect overly long, irrelevant communication is the worst possible first impression you can make.

Making it about the possibility is the key.

Instead of focusing on features, integrations, awards or case studies, focus on a specific problem they’re likely facing.

One way to convey the value you can bring is to use language such as, “We helped [similar size firm] raise their [KPI].”

Avoid rambling and zero in on the customer you are trying to reach. Your first message should not exceed five sentences. In this video, I argue that it is best to keep everything succinctly put together.

5. Use a question that will pique their interest.

Put it in the form of a question that will interest them.

Create a question they’ll be eager to answer using the information you obtained from their profile and the points you shared. People like conversing about topics that they find fascinating. Take advantage of this fact to initiate a meaningful discussion.

Ask them a question they’ll want to respond to in order to spark conversation. Simply asking, “What tool do you now use for XYZ?” might reveal a lot.

LinkedIn plays a significant role in the majority of B2B buying decisions. Every inside sales professional should be using it, and by following the advice in this piece, you may start seeing results right now.

It’s important to remember that prospects aren’t interested in receiving lengthy letters from salesmen they haven’t met before. The best way to start a conversation with someone is to find out what you have in common with them, and then make it about them.

The Problems with LinkedIn Outreach

Even while LinkedIn is a fantastic way to connect with potential clients, salespeople nonetheless face some significant challenges.

a) Time-consuming: Picture yourself having to send individual messages to a hundred potential customers every day. First, you’ll need to open a profile, then connect, and last, you’ll need to manually compose your message before sending it. It’ll take you around five to seven minutes to go through this process with each potential customer. That’s four hundred to five hundred minutes for a hundred leads. That’s the equivalent of working without a break for 8 hours every day.

b) To keep tabs on it would be a huge hassle: There is currently no mechanism to keep tabs on your LinkedIn connection requests, whether or not they have been accepted, etc. Most salesmen find that keeping an Excel or Google Sheet is the most practical way to keep track of such information, but this requires constant manual updating as each action is completed. The sheer volume of labour makes it a lengthy process that also increases the likelihood of mistakes being made.

c) A mountain of data entry work: The platform you’re using to carry out sales cadences should be regularly updated with all the communications and responses you get, and this is done manually. It’s another tedious task that takes too much time and leaves too much room for mistakes to be made.

d) Possibility of getting blocked: Spam is a problem in the digital realm. Voice mail is an option for those who prefer to communicate by telephone. LinkedIn has a similar algorithm to prevent spam from being posted to the site. As far as I can tell, there are no hard and fast policies regarding the circumstances under which an account is disabled. However, our experience is that you risk being prohibited from accessing LinkedIn entirely if you view too many profiles or send too many messages, both of which are considered excessive by LinkedIn’s usage policies.

LinkedIn Outreach Automation – Boosting your growth

Automating the various steps of the LinkedIn outreach process is the answer to all of these issues.

What is LinkedIn Outreach Automation?

Automating your LinkedIn communications by sending out messages, inmails, or content posts is possible. With external software, you can plan ahead and arrange your communications to be sent out at predetermined times with little to no human participation.

What is LinkedIn Outreach Automation?

Hyper-personalize your LinkedIn outreach with SalesRobot

LinkedIn cold outreach has never been easier than with SalesRobot, a cloud-based automation solution made specifically for the purpose.

Premium customisation features and editable templates are available in this Linkedin automation solution. It includes a number of tried-and-true strategies for securely exceeding LinkedIn’s quota. In addition, there are tools like an analysis window, Linkedin Sales navigation, and an Email enrichment function included to facilitate the work. Using SalesRobot’s AI, you can compile a targeted list of leads and automatically send them engaging, conversational communications. With only a few mouse clicks, you can start using SalesRobot, a complete solution for lead generation.

A range of SalesRobot-enabled LinkedIn outreach tasks

Automation technologies for LinkedIn outreach allow sales teams to streamline processes like:

  • Sending connection requests/inmails – A mass profile view or request for a connection may be sent with a single click. Be sure to include “see profile” as a step in your sales process and follow it with every lead.
  • All of your communications can be managed in one convenient location with SalesRobot’s Smart Inbox. You can manage all your leads in one location and modify or filter them as needed. Plus, comparable problems may be resolved with a single mouse click. When you use this function, you may handle your messages quickly and efficiently.
  • The outcomes of using specific metrics to judge the effectiveness of a campaign The capacity to base judgments on empirical facts is essential to the success of any marketing strategy. It’s possible to monitor the total number of connection requests, acceptances, replies, etc.
  • Options for superior personalisation are available in SalesRobot, allowing you to quickly and easily create and send customised messages and connection requests with only a few clicks of the mouse. The newest edition of Sales Robot’s AI can quickly identify the most noteworthy aspects of a profile, such as relevant work experience, volunteer work, and prestigious qualifications. You can make your emails and communications more engaging by using images and animated GIFs.
  •  Follow-up message capabilities and intelligent campaign management allow you to tailor your campaign’s message sequence to your specific needs, or you may start from scratch. Lead behaviour is used to trigger the sequences, eliminating the possibility of humiliating blunders like sending a follow-up message after the lead has already responded to the first. Additionally, all of the action is consolidated into a single interface.

How secure is SalesRobot’s automated outreach system?

LinkedIn strictly forbids the use of any automated system to access the platform in any way, including adding or downloading contacts, sending or redirecting messages, or even accessing the platform itself.

With SalesRobot you can:

  • Open conversations with prospects on LinkedIn at a scale
  • Personalized LinkedIn messages at scale
  • Expand sales network on LinkedIn quickly
  • Safely do outreach without hitting any of LinkedIn’s tripwires
  • Access LinkedIn Outreach data within their sales engagement report

Safely bypass LinkedIn invites and messages with the help of Salesrobot.

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Nirali Patel
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