Video Marketing Tips: 7 Types of Video Content for Beginners

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Video Marketing Tips: 7 Types of Video Content for Beginners

video marketing tips

Table of Contents

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Now, more than ever, businesses and marketers are competing for people’s attention. Videos emerge as the sole content type capable of attracting and engaging the audience.

The use of video as a marketing tool is currently at an all-time high. Furthermore, Wyzowl’s statistics reveal that over 70% of non-video marketers and beginners are interested in incorporating video content in the upcoming days.

For beginners delving into video marketing, the multitude of Video Marketing Tips and content types they can create can be overwhelming. To simplify their task, we suggest creating one type of video for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

In this article, we’ll delve into the seven stages of a buyer’s journey and the ideal video type for each stage. We provide a comprehensive package by including Video Marketing Tips and performance indicators (KPIs) to measure each video type.

Stage 1: Awareness Stage and Brand Videos

awareness stage and brand videos


Objective: During the awareness stage, individuals recognize the existence of a problem but are not actively seeking a solution. Creating video content that acknowledges customers’ pain points and promises an effective solution is sufficient for customers to take notice.

Ideal Video Type: Brand Videos

Video Marketing Tips to attract attention and captivate the audience. Keep the focus on audience pain points, problems, brand values, and missions.

Introduce your product but avoid hard selling. Awareness stage videos should revolve around the audience— their problems and preferences.

Problem-focused content comes in many forms, such as brand videos, educational videos, and brand video documentaries. At Veedyou Media, we’ve observed that brand videos have the most significant impact on customers.

Brand videos aim to discuss the problems your target audience faces and how you intend to solve them. While presenting the solution, also delve into your brand values and mission before gradually introducing your product.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe produced a series of brand films. An interesting one is titled ‘Secret Agent.’ The video ad is intriguing and thought-provoking, effectively showcasing the importance of customer experience. Except for the last frame, the entire clip focuses on the customer pain point—customer experience. The awareness stage video compels viewers to learn more about Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): How do you measure success at this stage? Views, shares, and comments are key metrics that serve as virtual applause. They help gauge the initial engagement and awareness your video has created.

Here, ‘views’ indicate the video is attracting attention, ‘shares’ mean your message resonates with viewers, and ‘comments’ mean viewers are interested in your product.

Stage 2: Consideration Stage and Product Demo Videos

consideration stage and product demo videos

Objective: After capturing the audience’s attention with brand videos in the awareness stage, it’s time to win their hearts by presenting an effective solution to their problems. Now is the moment to position your product as the optimal choice for addressing their pain points.

Ideal Video Type: Product Demo Videos

In the preceding stage and video, the audience learns about the product for the first time. Now, it’s time to showcase the product, highlighting its features and functions. Introduce the product formally through product demos and comparison videos.

Product demo videos are an essential part of the e-commerce business. It not only provides a comprehensive view of the item but also aims to demonstrate the product in action, showcasing its various functions. Most importantly, they offer a glimpse of its effectiveness in solving problems and fulfilling needs.

After watching the product demo, the audience is not just intrigued; they are actively engaged. A well-crafted product demo will convince and guide the prospect to the next stage of the buyer’s journey.


Even if your product isn’t tangible, you can still create an effective demo video. The meditation app Headspace demonstrates this beautifully. They have crafted an animated video featuring quirky characters. The video is informative, captures the audience’s attention, and encourages them to take the next step.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): To gauge the performance of product demo videos, monitor the click-through rate, and keep an eye on watch time.

If people are spending more time on the video, it indicates that your message is resonating with the audience. They are actively listening to what you’re conveying, demonstrating a genuine interest in the product. You’re successfully guiding the audience to the next stage.

Stage 3: Interest Stage and Case Studies

Objective: Your product is one among the many they are seriously considering for purchase. Now is the time to differentiate yourself from the rest by presenting videos that delve deeper into the product offerings and features.

Ideal Video Type: Case Study Videos

If your offering is a tangible product, create in-depth product videos. On the other hand, if it’s a service or digital product, prepare case studies to share real-life examples.

People love a success story. They are more likely to trust your product if they see the benefits others have reaped after using it. For greater impact in this stage, make in-depth and case study videos an essential part of your business plan.

Princess Polly and Google Ads

This is a customer success story video that explains the role Google Ads played in scaling the e-commerce business. The video shows how climbing up the ranks with Google Ads had an impact on multiple metrics and helped achieve several goals.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Keep a close eye on downloads and conversion rates, such as form submissions. These metrics indicate the audience is putting your product at the top of the list.

Stage 4: Intent Stage and Personalized Videos

Intent stage and personalized videos


Objective: Congratulations! If you’ve reached this stage and found the audience, you’ve nearly eliminated the competition. The prospect is now interested in your product. Your next step is to convert this interest into desire using suitable video content.

Ideal Video Type: Personalized demos and Interactive Videos

This stage is perfect for personalizing the content. You can convert standard product demos into personalized videos using a video editor.

Develop personalized demos to engage the audience and demonstrate various ways the product can personally benefit them and address their pain points.

Interactive videos take personalization to a much higher level. With interactive videos, the audience can address their queries in real time. Moreover, these videos establish a personal bond and trust that can aid in converting prospects into paying customers.

Nicky Case

Here is a simple animated interactive video on anxiety and how the brain works. The explainer video is simple yet interesting and informative. Subconsciously, you immerse yourself in the content and become part of the video. Marketers can create product interactive videos to provide the audience with all the information they need to make a buying decision.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Metrics don’t do justice to the impact of personalized videos on the audience. However, the audience’s intent is reflected in the conversion rate.

Stage 5: Evaluation Stage and Customer Testimonials

Objective: The audience in the evaluation stage has almost decided to choose your product, but your job is only half done. The gap between the Intent and Evaluation Stage is wide, and it can be filled only by building trust.

Ideal Video Type: Customer Testimonial Videos

Have you ever wondered why YouTube, Netflix, or other video platforms show trending content? People naturally trust peer recommendations. You can tap into this behavior by publishing customer testimonials to build trust among the target audience.

Request your customers to share their experiences with your product. Make customers the heroes of the video and use their success stories to convince other prospective customers. You can take the raw customer-made videos and give them a professional touch with video editing tools.

Slack: So Yeah, We Tried Slack

In the previously discussed video types, prospects learn as much as possible about the product, features, and functions. Testimonial videos should demonstrate how your product has benefited a customer.

Keep the testimonial videos short, creative, and informative. For example, the Slack testimonial video features several satisfied customers talking about the benefits of using Slack. The video is creative, informative, and right on target.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Now, coming to metrics, keep an eye on the views and watch time on the testimonial videos.

The comment section is equally important; it’s a gold mine of information. The comments section can reveal what your existing customers and prospects are thinking about your product.

Stage 6: Purchase Stage and Exclusive Deals Videos

Objective: This marks a pivotal moment; the customer is almost certain to purchase your product. Nevertheless, you need to nudge the prospect to take the plunge, pushing them across the digital transaction line. The videos used at this stage will reinforce their decision.

Ideal Video Types: Limited-time offers, Exclusive deals, and How-to-Buy Videos

At the purchase stage, you can employ various video types. That said, ‘limited-time offer’ videos and ‘how-to-buy’ guides are currently topping video marketing trends.

Who doesn’t love an offer? Videos announcing exclusive deals and limited-time offers can reduce the time taken to decide. Utilize such videos to create urgency and compel them to seal the deal before time runs out.

You may lose a customer if the last stretch—from the product page to checkout—is complex and not customer-friendly. Remove the hurdles plaguing the purchase process by publishing how-to-buy guides.



Nicehair employs a clever strategy to reduce cart abandonment. They offer a 5% discount to prevent customers with products in the shopping cart from leaving the website. Nicehair managed to halve their cart abandonment with their discount campaign.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Monitor coupon code usage, call-to-action clicks, completion of transactions, and overall sales metrics to gauge the performance of videos at this stage.

Stage 7: Post-Purchase Stage and Onboarding Videos

Objective: Video content can play a significant role even after the purchase is complete. At this stage, the goal is not conversion but establishing a lasting bond with the customer.

The videos created should aim to provide satisfaction and foster loyalty. The effort to retain the customer will eventually lead to more business.

Ideal Video Type: Onboarding Videos

Onboarding videos guide customers through the initial steps of their journey with your product. These videos ensure that customers navigate the product without taking a wrong turn, resulting in a better overall customer experience, increased satisfaction, and stronger brand loyalty.


If a product has a complex function, no amount of explanation or text tutorial can help the customer understand its functionality.

Customer onboarding videos become the sole option. The Penki app is a prime example of a product that is better demonstrated than described. In just 75 seconds, the video illustrates how to use the Penki app to create 3D images with an iPhone and camera.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Compared to other metrics, tracking customer onboarding and satisfaction scores is straightforward.

If you’re distributing onboarding videos through emails, tools like Convertkit or Convertkit alternatives can help measure valuable engagement metrics. 

Or if you’re distributing onboarding videos through shortcode texting or other types of SMS, make sure your SMS platform has analytics reporting that allows you to track KPIs. Additionally, monitoring referrals and repeat purchases allows you to assess the success of videos in the post-purchase stage.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we aim to facilitate your entry into marketing, ensuring a seamless experience. You need not concern yourself with the selection of video types or how they might impact your marketing success.

For those new to marketing, start with these seven types of video content. These videos comprehensively address all stages of the buyer’s journey. Begin producing these videos and feel free to share your video marketing tips experience with us.

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