Link Building Outreach: Strategies, Tools, and Techniques

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Link Building Outreach: Strategies, Tools, and Techniques

link building outreach strategies tools and techniques

Table of Contents

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You know how challenging it is to conduct an outreach campaign for link building if you have ever tried it.

Link building for outreach purposes is becoming more challenging. 

Dozens of backlink outreach requests come in daily, mostly from so-called “link-building experts,” which we either designate as spam or remove.

These persistent outreach attempts for link building are annoying but not prohibited.

The Google ranking algorithm rewards sites with high-quality backlinks and well-optimized on-page SEO requirements with higher rankings.

However, there is a proper way to develop outreach links and a million bad ones.

What is link-building outreach?

 what is link building outreach


In a general sense, link-building outreach refers to proactively contacting other websites or online platforms to acquire backlinks to one’s website.

The process of a link-building outreach campaign involves researching to identify people or companies interested in connecting to your content and then reaching out to them with a tailored message afterward. 

The primary objective of this strategy is to get backlinks and generate traffic from reputable websites, enhancing the exposure of your content and increasing your search engine optimization (SEO) ranks.

This type of activity is commonly performed utilizing cold 

 emails and different social media platforms.

The process of connection-building outreach typically involves four fundamental steps:

  • Pursuing opportunities
  • Creating an email series
  • Collecting prospect contact info
  • Customizing your proposals

However, communication doesn’t stop after you press “send.”

Naturally, one can receive many responses and backlinks through random collaborations. 

Suppose the objective is to maximize the getting of inbound links. In that case, the ultimate aim of link-building outreach should be to cultivate long-lasting relationships with fellow bloggers rather than only obtaining one particular backlink from them.

The methods for achieving that objective will be further discussed in future parts of the article.

However, let us systematically examine every step of link-building outreach.

The Basics of Link Building Outreach

Gaining an in-depth knowledge of the foundational principles of link-building outreach and effectively implementing these subject lines can yield significant advantages.

The link-building outreach process involves identifying appropriate websites or influential individuals within one’s industry and requesting them to include a hyperlink directing to one’s website.

The diversity of the links is essential to this attempt. Hence, it is important to acknowledge that there are two principal link categories: dofollow and nofollow.

Dofollow links facilitate the transmission of link equity to the recipient website, whereas nofollow connections do not contribute to the distribution of any link equity.

From an SEO standpoint, following links typically yields more significant advantages of the subject line.

Furthermore, it is necessary to understand that identifying the most beneficial link prospects might result in significant benefits. Every link you choose should be relevant to your industry and have a high domain authority.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Link Building Outreach

Given the significant time commitment associated with the link-building outreach process, expecting that all tasks can be managed internally is unrealistic. At some point, it will make sense to outsource most of the work and automate a select few internally. The following are a few advantages:


One of the primary advantages of outsourcing link-building outreach is the time-saving aspect it provides.

This allows individuals to allocate their time more effectively toward the fundamental elements of their business operations. Developing links won’t be successful if you don’t focus on improving the value of your offerings.

Using expertise

When engaging in outsourcing, there is no need for prediction or trial and error in adopting different methods.

Upon getting access, individuals are immediately provided with the opportunity to engage with experienced professionals who specialize in the practice of link building as their primary business. Quality output is ensured through this.

Back up

When an individual engages in manual link-building outreach campaigns, they are primarily focused on operational tasks rather than strategic activities that contribute to their company’s overall growth and development.

Engaging in this activity not only proves to be a useless investment of time, but it also detrimentally impacts one’s capacity for personal development.

Outsourcing allows individuals to develop an additional viewpoint and analyze the overall strategy while trusting professionals to manage particular aspects of their digital marketing efforts.

Link Building Outreach Strategy Development

Before starting your outreach for link-building, ensure you have clear objectives and targets in mind. These objectives should contain a wide range of goals and targets.

Improving Search Engine Rankings

Increase the ranking of your website in search engine outcomes by using a strategic approach to link development.

Increasing Website Traffic

Enhance the flow of visitors to your website through the collection of relevant and reputable backlinks.

Developing Industry Relationships

Develop meaningful ties with significant people and influential thinkers within your subject line.

To optimize the efficiency of your link-building outreach process, it is advisable to take into account these additional measures:

Select the Audience You Want to Reach:

  • Identify the optimal target audience for your outreach process, encompassing websites operating within your industry.
  • Blogger outreach.
  • site owners of your subject line.
  • Social media influencers.
  • Journalists and media organizations.

Develop a Well-defined Content Strategy for Marketing

  • Develop a cohesive content strategy that aligns with your outreach efforts, encompassing:
  • Generating high-quality and valuable content.
  • Exploring guest blogging opportunities.
  • Creating engaging infographics and visual content.

Link-building outreach strategies

Here are the most effective outreach strategies for building links that you may incorporate into a successful campaign. 

1. Check Competitor Links

Examining your competitors’ links, or backlinks, is a great approach to learn which link development strategy is best for your subject line content type.

Plus, knowing what your readers like and link to most will help you produce SEO-friendly content in the future.

You can accomplish this in a couple of ways. Using Ahrefs or a similar tool, you can:

  • Analyze the most popular pages of your competitor’s sites to see the content and search terms they’re using to attract the most viewers.
  • Investigate the backlink profiles of competing sites to find out which pages receive the most links and from which sites.
  • You might acquire ideas on what to write about and what keywords to use by checking out the top-performing posts of your competitors.

While reviewing your competitors’ posts, ask yourself:

  • Do they have any guest posts up?
  • Which post type has the highest engagement rate?
  • In what contexts and marketplaces do they have links?
  • What keywords are they trying to rank for?

2. Producing Valuable Content

To rise in Google’s rankings, you need to create material that is more useful than other content on the web. Generally, informative articles:

  • Provides an explanation
  • Shares new info
  • Provides instructions
  • Using a content creation platform, you may save time and effort on research and production.

3. Make use of infographics.

Making eye-catching infographics can be a reliable weekly strategy for attracting quality backlinks. Infographics are excellent material for guest posts, especially with informative and engaging essays.

You’ll probably receive more related links from bloggers if you use infographics in your instructive post as an add-on rather than the primary content. This will avoid the usual infographic farm sites.

4. Conducting Broken Link Building

Broken link building, or BLB, is a strategic approach to acquire links on resource pages. This method identifies broken links already displayed and proposes one’s post as an appropriate replacement.

Because most of the work is done for you once you’ve produced your content, it’s a relatively simple method to get links.

In order to establish the credibility of your website and provide a substitute for a broken link, it is advisable to develop a detailed manual related to a topic that is relevant to your site. This approach will enable you to obtain backlinks that verify the worth of your content. 

When initiating BLB research, it is possible to incorporate search modifiers alongside keywords in order to effectively exclude irrelevant web pages. 

5. Maintain a Record of Your Hyperlinks

If you’re anything like us, you undoubtedly find yourself looking for fresh links at least once a week or perhaps even every day, though we aren’t going to pass criticism.

In addition to the imperative of maintaining a compelling backlink profile, careful monitoring of one’s links facilitates an in-depth understanding of the organizations that contribute to said backlink profile, specifically those that establish connections to one’s website.

By adopting this approach, one can effectively focus on relevant sectors during the process of outreach and content creation.

The concept of link relevancy holds significance beyond the authority of the organizations that provide backlinks to your website.

This is due to the fact that by including important links, you are indicating to Google that you possess credibility as a reliable authority within your own field.

This strategy aids in the optimization of search engine rankings for keywords that have significance to one’s business.

6. Increase the Exposure of Your Website

Increasing your visibility and developing a personal brand are both essential if you want to attract more inbound links to your website.

The use of off-site optimization techniques, such as link building, can be helpful. Off-page SEO includes tasks like acquiring local citations and mending broken links.

Among these methods are:

  • Verifying the reliability and consistency of external references: Verify that your name, address, and phone number are listed accurately.
  • Creating and keeping your Google My Business page: Make sure your company’s physical location is listed and updated on Google.
  • Claim your listing on prominent UGC sites: Get in touch with the site’s management to have your company verified.
  • Boosting the image of your company: Marketing to influencers, social media, reviews, and public relations in the age of digital media all require investment.

7. Email Outreach

Email outreach is one of the finest techniques to gain backlinks because it is the most prevalent way of engaging with potential link partners. There are several examples of spammy outreach emails that have reached everyone’s inbox. If you want to learn how to create emails that generate backlinks, follow these rules:

  • Create a comical link or brand topic line.
  • Make the email more engaging by using the recipient’s name.
  • Keep it under 80 words.
  • Get in touch with that person again.

8. Influencer Promotion

The term “influencer” refers to people in your specialized field who have garnered a sizable and devoted fan base. When an influential person recognizes you by sharing your material, conducting an interview with you, or endorsing you, you may expect an important spike in site visits.

In addition, a high-quality inbound link will be built to your site.

The key to successful influencer outreach is making connections.

  • Subscribe to the influencer’s updates on Twitter
  • Support and engage with their posts
  • Go to their performances

The influencer will recognize your worth when you’ve developed a connection with them. There is an expectation for consistent, high-quality content for influencers’ audiences.

The target demographic is the people who listen to them. Everyone benefits from this situation.

9. Recover links

Link recovery refers to the systematic effort of recovering and reinstating previously lost or unlinked organic links to one’s website.

Although this method tends to yield tremendous success for larger businesses that receive extensive media attention, smaller websites can still observe favorable outcomes.

There exist two strategies for the process of link reclamation:

  • Rebuilding a lost connection: In case a website previously included a hyperlink to your website but subsequently removed it, there exists a potential opportunity for you to initiate contact in order to regain that coverage.
  • Update unlinked organic mentions: In the event that a website references your brand name without providing a hyperlink, it is advisable to make contact via email and kindly request appropriate attribution to a pertinent webpage.

10. Social Media Engagement

Relationship development is at the heart of social media outreach. Motivating individuals does not involve overwhelming them with messages. In every single social media outreach effort:

  • Specify your objective
  • Make a note of the persons who can help you in reaching your goal.
  • Maintain active social media accounts since they will be reviewed.
  • Start conversing with the individuals on your follower list by giving them likes, comments, and retweets.
  • Try to get what you want in a quiet, respectful way.
  • Maintain contact no matter the response.

11. Special Guest Post

When it came to building backlinks, guest POST used to be widely used, but it has since fallen out of favor due to spam and updates to the Google algorithm.

  • Find a specialized blog post to follow
  • Choosing a fantastic guest post topic
  • Introduce your concept to the blogger
  • Adapt your communication style to each individual you reach out to

Find out the owner’s policy on links by inquiring about it. A few links to your own site are OK if they are editorially relevant, but more than that will likely be looked down upon.

Having a link in the author bio section of a blog is a given, but it is less valuable from an SEO standpoint than having one naturally integrated into the content itself.

12. Make posts with a number of related topics.

When composing a roundup piece, it is advisable to stay away from exclusively connecting to one’s own content and instead include links to other reputable websites.

In this method, the websites you linked to may share your post with their audience if your content is of good quality.

13. Developing Surveys

Have you ever come across a survey conducted by a small company that gained significant attention and wondered about the strategies employed to achieve such virality? Given their time commitment and potential for producing meaningless findings, surveys can take time to get right. However, when individuals engage in dedicated effort, the potential rewards can be substantial.

Survey content works for many reasons:

  • Your pitch will include entirely original and organic facts.
  • To ensure that your queries are relevant to your products, you can tailor them.
  • You can acquire more specific outcomes by segmenting your data based on demographics.
  • It is in the interest of journalists to report on topics that readers will find interesting. Therefore, it is important that the primary answer derived from your survey possesses a compelling character.

It is necessary to maintain a clear objective when designing a survey, understanding that the outcomes may not always align with one’s desired expectations.

Don’t be scared to use data to find another engaging tale or support your point with other data.

How to Measure the Success of Link-Building Outreach

 how to measure the success of link-building outreach


After launching your link-building outreach campaigns, it is essential to evaluate their efficacy to figure out if your efforts were worthwhile. When measuring the success of your link-building efforts, keep in mind the following indicators:

Identifying KPIs

Success in link-building outreach can only be measured once crucial performance indicators are defined. Common key performance indicators for link-building campaigns include the ones listed below. 

Sites linked by domain authority

Linking sites’ domain authority is another important metric. 

There is a clear value in gaining inbound links from reliable sources as opposed to less reputable ones. Therefore, monitoring the domain authority of linking sites can provide insight into the value of the links you are gaining.

Number of connections 

The quantity of links acquired through outreach is the most transparent indicator of success. You can use this metric to evaluate the authority backlinks your outreach efforts produced for your website.

Brand visibility

The visibility of your brand is an important factor to take into consideration when planning your link building outreach strategy. You can see if your outreach efforts are successful in raising brand awareness by keeping tabs on where your brand or website is mentioned online.

Search engine rankings 

Rankings in search engines are another important metric to look at. You may assess the impact of your link building outreach by monitoring your site’s position in search engine results for target keywords.

Your link building efforts can be measured by keeping tabs on these indicators over time. You can modify things as much as you need to to get better results.

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Link-building outreach tools

link building outreach tools


Using link building outreach tool can effectively automate the link building process, leading to enhanced outcomes and time efficiency.

These tools help identify potential leads and obtain their contact details, offer pre-designed email templates, and monitor your outreach efforts’ developments.

1. GroupHigh

GroupHigh refers to a specific entity or organization that operates inside a group setting.

GroupHigh can be conceived as a search engine explicitly dedicated to bloggers. By inputting a search word, users can access an extensive number of relevant blogs, consequently facilitating outreach opportunities. 

GroupHigh can retrieve a substantial quantity of blogs and bloggers, which may be overwhelming.

However, it allows limiting search results based on specific criteria, such as Domain Authority and audience size, facilitating a more focused and refined search. 

After identifying a blogger with whom you wish to get in contact, it is possible to compose your message from within the GroupHigh platform.

This increases the efficiency of the workflow, mainly when dealing with a high volume of emails and email overload.

2. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform specifically tailored for professionals in the field of digital marketing and small-scale enterprises.

The system conducts searches across several online platforms, including blogs, YouTube, and Instagram, to identify influencers and retrieve their contact information via email.

Filters play an important part in facilitating the identification of optimal prospects. One can:

  • Check out the online profiles and email addresses
  • Utilize pre-designed templates available within the platform to send email communications to potential clients.
  • Evaluate and monitor outcomes
  • Google’s Chrome extension lets you add sites and find contact info while searching.

3. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a link building outreach tool that is commonly used in the field of digital marketing.

Pitchbox is an online tool specifically developed to facilitate the identification and engagement of bloggers, influencers, and publications for outreach purposes.

The tool seamlessly connects with prominent platforms such as Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMRush, allowing prospects to be detected with superior quality.

Indeed, it is possible to employ site quality filtering by creating personalized criteria or utilizing the pre-existing “Good” and “Great” filters.

The Pitchbox SEO tool is a valuable resource for conducting blogger outreach in search engine optimization.

One can initiate their search by utilizing several campaign templates, such as Blogger Outreach, Product Reviews, Competitor Backlinks, and Link Removal. 

4. Klear

Klear is a tool designed to assist you in locating, evaluating, monitoring, and assessing influencers and the outreach initiatives that are associated with them. 

The Klear platform facilitates the identification of important influencers for outreach purposes.

Once identified, Klear’s artificial intelligence capabilities can be employed to assess the extent of their influence, as shown by their influencer score, and to get demographic information about their audience.

Utilizing the Klear CRM platform enables the effective management of influencer relationships. Additionally, Klear allows users to track the impact of their campaigns through the utilization of analytics tools.

5. JustReachOut

Though most outreach tools focus on connecting with bloggers, JustReachOut differs from this pattern by offering a service designed to help companies contact media.

It is a PR platform with access to a sizable database of influencers and journalists. It can potentially serve as a valuable tool for enhancing public relations efforts within the industry of technology companies.

Aside from the journalist database, JustReachOut’s broken link detector is a useful feature.

The JustReachOut platform possesses the capability to detect websites containing broken links, which allows users to strategically approach these websites and request the substitution of the non-functional link with a hyperlink redirecting to a comparable article authored by the user. 

Strategies to Avoid in Link Building Outreach

The process of link building outreach lacks accuracy and precision. Despite sticking to commonly recommended strategies, users might continue to feel a sense of failure in their link building efforts.

However, in most cases, it is easy to identify the underlying reasons. While it might not necessarily reflect an offense of any specific regulations, you may apply specific procedures that are generally discouraged. The following link-building outreach techniques should be avoided:

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Instead of aiming for a wide-ranging audience, it is advisable to concentrate on discovering prospects who can contribute significant value to your website and reciprocate accordingly.

By strategically focusing on appropriate objectives, one can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their outreach efforts.

Customization vs. Broadcasting

It is recommended to avoid distributing generic messages to all recipients on your outreach list. Tailoring your messages to individual customers showcases a dedication to establishing an authentic connection and actively addressing their unique requirements and preferences.

Support a Culture of Reciprocity

While you want backlinks and exposure, it’s important to understand that outreach is a two-way street. It is imperative to effectively communicate the worth that can be provided to the potential client in exchange for their participation.

Show that you’re ready to give before you expect to get, which will encourage people to work together.


One example of an inadequately produced outreach email can be observed in a scenario where the email simply focuses on extracting benefits without providing reciprocal value. In contrast to the above declaration, a carefully prepared response might be presented, which places a high value on mutual benefit.

Maintain a Respectful Outreach Frequency

Maintaining consistency in outreach efforts is paramount, yet finding an appropriate balance between perseverance and overwhelming the target audience is important.

It is important to respect the prospect’s time and preferences by avoiding an excessive number of emails or follow-ups since this could result in irritation and a lack of response.

Stay Resilient, Avoid Frustration

The process of link-building outreach can be challenging, and meeting rejection is an unavoidable aspect of this approach.

It is important to recognize that not all potential individuals will respond favorably. Maintaining a good perspective and motivation is important, particularly when faced with difficulties or failures.

Link Building Outreach Automation

During the initial phases of link-building outreach, it is necessary to effectively manage the process. However, as the process of integrating new potential opportunities into your sales funnel progresses and the need for additional content rises, it becomes more difficult for you to manage these tasks independently. At this point, automation arises as a valuable ally.

Automating outreach varies depending on the specific link-building method used. Think about the possibilities and put into action the recommendations that you believe will help you save time and money:

Use outreach link-building tools.

The outreach link-building tools are pretty effective for promoting the automation of outreach efforts. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of each system will require a significant investment of time. However, in the long run, these systems will prove to be time-saving tools. Please note that utilizing all of the provided options is unnecessary. When using a tool, be sure it saves time or adds value.

Utilize systems and processes.

Get rid of the uncertainty in your communication. The greater the extent to which one may organize their approach by employing well-defined methods, the higher their efficiency level will be.

Outsource a few components.

The subsequent section will delve into a deeper investigation of the topic. Still, it is worth noting that outsourcing and assigning specific duties can result in time savings and improved efficiency of your outreach plan.

Simplifying laborious procedures and putting your entire operation on autopilot are two different things regarding automation. If you choose the latter, you could compromise your genuineness and appear overly robotic in your performance. There is also the possibility of ignoring errors and breaking Google’s regulations and criteria, negatively impacting your search engine rankings.

Final Words On Link Building Outreach

Link-building outreach continues to be widely recognized as the most effective method for getting valuable links and improving one’s ranking on Google. Therefore, regardless of the specific outreach-based link-building strategy chosen, it is important to handle it systematically, emphasizing developing an email campaign that will yield positive responses from potential link prospects. 

Outsource Link Building Outreach

 out source link building outreach


We at Jeenam Infotech want to be your go-to outsourced provider for SEO link building. When collaborating with our organization, we conduct outreach, secure placements, create content, and provide the desired backlinks. The procedure is characterized by simplicity and minimal effort and is supported by assurances recognized as leading within the industry. Link building remains relevant to modern digital marketing strategies, although more complex.


A technique known as “link building outreach” involves finding significant individuals or websites in your field and contacting them to get them to connect to your website.

The implementation of link building outreach plays an important part in enhancing the search engine ranking of a website. Obtaining high-quality backlinks can improve the authority, importance, and credibility of a website as perceived by search engines.

Beneficial link chances arise from websites that are relevant to your industry, own a high domain authority, and are regarded as reliable sources of information. Tools such as Google’s PageRank and Moz’s Domain Authority can be used to find potential prospects.

The optimal strategy entails conducting thorough research, creating customized outreach messages, and providing valuable incentives to prospective link partners. The potential strategy for establishing a successful partnership may involve:

  • The creation of high-quality material.
  • The creation of reciprocal linking.
  • The demonstration of the mutual advantages that may be gained from the collaboration.

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