Link Building for SaaS Companies: The Ultimate Guide [updated 2024]

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Link Building for SaaS Companies: The Ultimate Guide [updated 2024]

Table of Contents

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Marketing automation, SEO tools, sales CRM, document signing, and many other businesses are covered by SaaS (software as a service).

Customers are charged a recurring monthly or annual cost for using the product, roughly the same across the board.

Successful SaaS Link building tactics will help your site rank higher in search engines. It’s no wonder because high-quality content and backlinks are two of the most significant SEO ranking elements.

So, the strategy for improving the Search engine visibility of your SaaS company is quite simple: obtain more high-quality backlinks.

How can you get good backlinks for your SaaS company?

This article will discuss how to create effective techniques for building backlinks and increasing your site’s authority.

What is SaaS Link Building Strategy?

Any efforts to obtain backlinks to a website are referred to as a SaaS link-building strategy.

SaaS Link Building Strategy


Link building used to be mainly about quantity. If a website has more backlinks, it will rank better. However, Google now considers the importance of a link, its context, and the source’s quality makes quantity meaningless.

This means that your link SaaS strategy should be centered on obtaining connections from high-quality sites related to your site.

For example, when you own a SaaS business, don’t acquire a backlink from a restaurant’s website. Even if it’s the highest site, it won’t bring real value to a business.

Types Of Link Building You Should Be Aware Of

There are two types of backlinks you can have either Dofollow or Nofollow. Let’s discuss this in brief.


DoFollow links pass on SEO link juice to the link provided, increasing its page authority. Through backlinks, link juice travels through websites and into new websites.

They can also help you rank higher and are the best links you can obtain, particularly if they come from a high-quality, relevant site. The linked-to site receives a larger boost of link juice if the linked-to site is more credible.

Links are do-follow by default; thus, you won’t need to ask your source for a do-follow link when undertaking link-building strategies.


Nofollow links do not pass link juice because they are identified as such. They also do not affect PageRank or search engine ranking.

The no-follow link HTML tag is used to create these links. The no-follow tag essentially tells search engines, “do not pay attention to this.” A link should not pass link juice for a variety of reasons.

A link in a blog post remark, a forum, a social media post, a widget, a press release, or whether it’s purchased is all examples of these links. Typically, these connections are labeled with.

To recap, no-follow links should be an unavoidable element of your website’s structure. While you should concentrate your link-building efforts on obtaining do-follow links, it’s entirely acceptable to receive no-follow links now and then.

Link Building Strategies For SaaS Companies

To multiply their work and receive the ranking they deserve, brands need high-quality backlinks and a good link development strategy after they’ve established their content marketing strategy

You’ll be at a disadvantage over your competition if you do not generate a large amount links and reach out to writers.

Not sure how to get others to link to your SaaS? Here are some link-building strategies for 2023 and even beyond. 

We’re here to walk you through the link-building tools that SaaS companies utilize and some other options for getting do-follow links, inbound links, and more organic traffic to your most important target pages.

Identify Your Goals

The number of people who visit a website is just one indicator of its success. Goals will assist you in optimizing your content to meet them. It should specify the role that content marketing will play in your company.

Increase brand recognition, develop a two-way interaction, grow a cumulative stream, and encourage client loyalty with your goal.

The number of organic search traffic you receive each month will increase due to content marketing based on strong SEO techniques. Depending on your content marketing activities, this number will rise, stay the same, or fall.

The majority of SaaS content marketing should focus on cumulative growth strategies. This means that investing the same amount each month yields a higher monthly return.

Find Your Audience

SaaS organizations that want to accomplish cumulative growth with their content strategy should concentrate on reaching out to leads who aren’t already interested in the company, which usually means providing instructive content that can attract a targeted audience.

Find Your Target Audience

Writing content that is relevant to your audience necessitates study. To understand your audience’s needs, you must look beyond keywords. In forums, what kinds of questions are they looking for? What nagging question does it seem like the other key pieces of material are constantly avoiding?

You should think about what you’re going to write before you start.

You must be knowledgeable of all the platforms that your target audiences use. This will provide you with several content placement choices and a better grasp of your audience’s preferences.

Create Useful Linkable Content

Quality content that authoritative websites and famous writers will want to link to if you want to get high-quality backlinks. Research, tools, list pieces, and tutorials are all examples of linkable material.

Two characteristics that make information linkable is

  • Usefulness
  • Uniqueness

Content that is useful covers all facets of a topic. Unique content delivers a new identity to a well-known topic.

You should be aware of all the platforms that your target audiences use. This will provide you with several content placement choices and a better grasp of your audience’s preferences.

Guest Posting

Most SEO professionals‘ link-building strategies include guest posting. As a result, it’s one of the most predictable methods of link building.

You establish a relationship with a strong site in your niche and ask if they’d want some free high-quality material for their website. Your creative team writes this material after they agree to your subject proposal and naturally adds a link back to the page you wish to promote additional page topic power to. 

You may generate amazing content, use your goal keywords as anchor text, and eventually build a reasonable number of relevant backlinks this way. 

Although this may appear to be a great deal of work at first, it will pay off in the long run in terms of domain authority and organic traffic to your site.

Sharable Links

Your content marketing assets, such as studies, tools, surveys, and guidelines, are examples of shareable content.

These content pieces are effective because when you develop material that teaches people what they want to learn, they are more likely to share it with their friends who could benefit from it as well.

Keep in mind that this type of thorough material ranks well on Google. It does, however, necessitate a well-considered SaaS content marketing approach.

As a response, simplify things for your consumers to share aspects of your product and teach them how to use email marketing, in-app content, and blog content. Your link-building efforts are likely to benefit if you provide resources for your users to develop exceptional content.

It might be as basic as making your in-product reports easily shareable if you have an analytics SaaS.

Broken Links

Broken link building


Broken link building is a strategy that includes locating a broken link on a website that is relevant to your specialty. A broken link occurs when a website removes a blog article that was previously linked.

Broken links are negative for user experience since they take users to a page that doesn’t exist. This is a good time to contact a website and inform them that they connect to an unavailable page.

If you find this during link prospecting, you may contact the site owner and offer to have them link to your material instead.

If you already have a post about the same subject on your site, simply pitch it as a replacement. Create a new post if you don’t already have one.

As a result, this strategy works well for generating links to your platform. However, if you have to generate new content from scratch, it takes time.


There are some points to keep in mind while thinking about your company’s techniques to establish a natural link profile. 

Remember that your domain authority is more dependent on the quality of those connections and the way your internal linking structure functions than on the number of links your website has.

It’s also worth remembering that link building for SaaS is a lengthy process, so you may need to try a few different approaches to see what works best for you. 

If it sounds time-consuming, there are plenty of SEO firms specializing in SaaS, and they can save you time and effort by developing agreements with relevant site owners on your behalf.

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