How To Increase Domain Authority Scores: 16 Proven Ways

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How To Increase Domain Authority Scores: 16 Proven Ways

Increase domain authority score

Table of Contents

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How To Increase Domain Authority Scores

Many components go into determining where a website ranks in search engines.

Competition for the highest rankings is intense, and businesses in similar industries have figured out ways to make their websites more credible in the eyes of Google’s ranking systems.

Your company will rise to the top if you focus on improving some crucial factors, such as its Domain Authority (DA).

However, the question that needs an answer is “What is a good Domain Authority?”

Establishing a DA takes time. It would help if you had a handle on this idea as quickly as possible.

After all, enhancing your internet presence is a time-consuming process.

What is the Website Domain Authority?

increase domain authoritySource:

A website’s domain authority (DA) is a value between 0 and 100 (the higher, the better), which is meant to be a rough estimate of how well a website will do in search engine results.

It is not the same as Google’s PageRank, which can directly affect where you land in search results.

By considering all possible aspects that could affect rankings and providing a good domain authority score for comparison purposes, Moz (and other da checker programs) attempts to approximate Google’s ranking algorithm.

Therefore, the DA relies on information Moz has gathered about your site, which is only sometimes as accurate as Google’s collected information.

Domains with low Domain Authority but high Google rankings are standard.

What more should you know about DA?

  • DA does not consider the Google penalty system. Moz may not know that a penalized domain has dropped in the ranks because of Google’s actions. Therefore, even when the domain is penalized, its authority will remain high.
  • Domain Authority only considers 40 parameters, while Google’s ranking algorithm is known to take into account hundreds (no one knows precisely how many, but some predictions imply that there are more than 200).
  • It takes a lot of work to improve your DA rating. You won’t observe an instant boost to your website’s domain authority just by doing this one thing.
  • The scale used in DA is a logarithmic one. This means that increasing your DA from 20 to 30 is quite simple, but increasing it from 70 to 80 is significantly more challenging. As you move up the scale, the challenge increases.
  • Since DA fluctuates rapidly, it is not a metric for tracking SEO progress over time but rather a tool for comparing domains.

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What is page authority?

Page Authority (PA) is comparable to Domain Authority (DA), but rather than taking into consideration metrics that apply to the entire domain, it relies on signals that are unique to a single page.

increase domain authority


The provided score estimates the page’s potential strength and search engine ranking.

A website’s DA (domain authority calculated) score will increase if it contains many authoritative pages.

Now that we’ve established what domain authority is and how it’s measured let’s look at ways to get a good domain authority score.

Does Page Authority equal Domain Authority?

Not. Page authority is comparable, except it does not employ domain-wide metrics. The page-specific metrics are the only ones used.

Page authority might be compared to the tidiness of a single room instead of the complete house.

Does Higher Domain Authority Matter for SEO?

Frequent audits and modifications are standard operating procedures for search engine optimization. 

There is always space for improvement, and your site’s rankings will likely decline unless you make them.

Maintaining a high position in search engine results pages (SERPs) and a steady stream of visitors requires constant attention to increase Domain Authority.

Here are a few reasons why you should keep updated on this measure for your website.

Improved rank

Every business wants its website to rank highly on Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

It would be best to work on SEO consistently and systematically to get to the top. Among these initiatives, DA helps in measuring development.

The better your score, the higher your rank in search engine results pages.

The thing to remember is that your rivals are doing their best to achieve the same thing.

That is to say, it’s not enough to get a high Domain Authority score. 

In order to rank highly on search engines, it is necessary to stick to certain SEO guidelines, including using keywords effectively. 

  • Effective SEO Metrics
  • Optimizations for search engines should always be a priority. 
  • Google’s algorithms always change, so maintaining a high ranking requires regular work.

You must put in this effort if you want your site to rank well and succeed.

You can get more interested customers by making modifications to your web presence.

Domain Authority is one metric that may be used to evaluate the quality of your SEO efforts over time.

Valid comparisons

Domain Authority metrics allow you to gain valuable insight into your competition.

Analyzing your URL is just as useful for learning about your rivals as learning about your company. Simply paste the other company’s URL into Moz’s search field.

Using this comparison, you can determine the marketing team’s workload and the level of effort they need to put forth.

How does domain authority drop?

There are several causes for a decline in domain authority, including:

  1. Participating in a Linking Domains Scheme

Buying or selling links, using automated link-creating technologies, or exchanging links can all lead to a significant drop in domain authority.

  1. Multiple low-quality links

Having a large number of links from sites of low quality will negatively impact your ranking.

  1. Technical domain issues

Technical problems with the domain, such as a slow loading time, broken links, or other problems, can also reduce the authority of a website.

Finally, your domain authority could drop if your rivals began showing improvement in search engine results page rankings.

The Best Ways: How to Increase Domain Authority 

Many people are interested in boosting their site’s domain authority, ignoring that doing so is no guarantee of improved search engine rankings.

The strength of your website’s link-building profile is the most important factor in determining your domain authority.

By applying these tactics, you can address the query of how to increase domain authority while enhancing your site’s domain authority and drawing in superior backlinks.

#1. Work on Your Off-Page SEO

Activities that aren’t directly related to your website are considered off-page SEO. 

You can think of it as a set of external strategies to promote your website to a larger audience.

Influencer outreach is a tried-and-true off-page SEO strategy. This involves contacting well-known entities and gently requesting that they share your content.

One component of influencer outreach is contacting authoritative websites to earn a link from a well-written post that is relevant to them. 

They will only spread the word if they think it’s worthy. But if they do, you can ensure their followers will check out what you’ve posted.

When you increase your site’s exposure, it will appreciate it.

Joining related online discussion forums and providing answers on “question and answer” sites is another strategy that doesn’t get enough credit.

Sites like these are loved by search engines and people looking for specific information.

Your job is to participate in conversations and answer queries that relate to your specialty field. Your goal is to become an industry expert.

If you have any posts on your site that directly address the question, feel free to link to them.

What happened?

Your website’s authority, visitors, and visibility will all increase.

#2. On-Page SEO Optimization

It would be best to focus on on-page SEO to boost your domain authority.

Page and content optimization is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on.

The following aspects should be given the most attention:

  • Titles and abstracts that are optimized
  • The use of headings (H1 and H2) in permalinks and on-page SEO is essential.
  • SEO Improving the quality of your visual content
  • Including keywords without forcing them into your writing.
  • Improving your SEO by using internal links in your content.
  • Using specific formatting to increase your content’s visibility in Google’s featured snippets.

The quality of the content is the most important factor in rankings for both on-page and off-page SEO, as it should be highlighted once more.

Google recommends updating your content regularly because it helps with search engine optimization.

#3. Work on Your Technical SEO

When you get your technical SEO right from the beginning, you won’t have to worry about it again. Technical SEO is related to minimal SEO duties.

However, if your website’s technical SEO is flawed, it can have a significant effect on your Domain Authority and search engine ranks.

You should double-check the following essential SEO settings:

  • Create an account on Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools for your website.
  • Make sure Google can find your site by making an XML sitemap and optimizing it.
  • Verify that Google and other search engine spiders have no trouble crawling your site by double-checking your robots.txt settings and using Fetch as Google.
  • Upgrade your website to HTTPS.
  • Use Hreflang properly if your site supports more than one language.
  • Include relevant structured data (schema) and well-defined breadcrumb navigation on every page to aid search engines in understanding the structure of your material.

#4. Improve Website Structure and UX

Domain Authority ranks websites primarily by how easily users can navigate them. Things like loading times, user-friendliness, and navigation structure fall under this broad category. 

In simple terms, you need to make sure the site is functioning to provide the best possible structure and user experience. 

This involves making sure that all the elements and search bars on a website are functioning properly and creating an easy-to-navigate design and layout.

If this doesn’t happen, it can affect your DA score negatively.

#5. Create killer content

You can’t avoid it.

Producing high-quality content is essential if you want to boost your domain authority and attract more links.

It should be the most comprehensive solution to the question asked by the targeted keyword.


Any good search engine should be able to lead its consumers to useful information.

This highlights the need to create high-quality content for websites that rank well in search engines and provide substantial value to the target audience.

As a result, the content becomes more linked and shareable, and you have a higher profile in search engine results pages.

Links are most often shared to stuff that is useful to others.

  • Get the facts
  • Find correct info
  • Resolve issues
  • Invest in reputable products.

It’s important to keep originality in mind if you’re researching new content.

What can I write about that no one else has?

You can use this to create something truly original and useful to readers. Remember to add:

To make your content more readable and interesting by spacing out the words.

#6. Cut down on the spammy links

All connections are not the same. Domain authority can be improved by actively seeking and eliminating low-quality links.

But then the question arises: what specifically defines a high-quality link?

A good link leads to a trustworthy resource. A link from a reputable source would be deemed of high quality.

However, links from unreliable or spammy sources would be disregarded as of poor quality.

Maintaining a healthy backlink profile requires constant moderation and the elimination of fraud inbound links. You could hire someone to help you with this, but:

  • Costly
  • Not always efficient

Doing things yourself is the best option. You do it how?

Using a tool like SEMrush can help you find the backlinks that are damaging your domain authority rating and backlink profile, making it easier to remove them.

Once you have the full list, you can either remove them manually or tell Google to ignore them.

#7. Get listed in directories

Getting your domain listed across web directories is a high-impact and cost-effective (less than $100) strategy to boost your domain authority (DA).

This is particularly important for local and small-scale businesses. 

Local search engine optimization tactics, such as citation building, are among the most cost-effective growth strategies you may test out.

Not only will Google have a better understanding of the markets and places that you serve, but the links that lead back to your website will also assist your DA scores to rise over time.

#8. Try broken link-building

Broken link building can help you locate link possibilities to raise your DA scores, but it is a more complicated method that will involve the usage of backlink tools. The steps are as follows:

Discover any external links that don’t work by using a backlink analyzer.

Construct new material to fill in for the absent one, or locate the relevant material already hosted on your server.

If the editor is looking for new material, you should contact them and provide yours.

#9. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Nowadays, a mobile-friendly website is essential.

Some reasons:

– Now, around 60% of all searches are performed on a mobile device.

-The majority of people begin their search on their smartphones before moving on to computers.

-Websites that are optimized for mobile use will rise in the search engine’s rankings.

-Google is developing a mobile-first index, and it will prioritize sites that are optimized for mobile devices.

– Your website’s Domain Authority Score will suffer if you don’t have a mobile-friendly version, sometimes called a “responsive website.”

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is a great place to start if you haven’t already made your site mobile-friendly.

You may get a good report from Google that includes suggestions for making your site mobile-friendly.

#10. Ensure the page loads quickly with PageSpeed Insights

When comparing the effects on a website’s domain authority, a faster site wins out. While improving a website’s load time is technically part of doing search engine optimization, it deserves its spotlight.

If a page takes more than three seconds to load, 40% of visitors will go elsewhere.    

Various metrics can be used to evaluate a website’s loading time, including:

If you want to know how to make your website faster, read on.

Compress your images

It’s recommended that you reduce the file sizes of your images. It’s been said a million times before, but remember: big images load slowly.

Apply a CDN. 

Use a CDN to speed up your website’s loading times. It determines the location of the user and routes them to the closest server.

Start browser caching. 

Turn on caching in your browser. With this, a user will save your site’s data in their browser, allowing your site to load more quickly the next time they come.

Trim your code

Reduce the size of your code. Poor-quality code created by lazy developers can damage your site’s reputation.

In addition, you need to monitor how quickly your site loads. You can accomplish this with the help of various online resources, including Google’s own Page Insights and Mobile Speed Tools.

After doing an analysis, they will typically offer advice.

#11. Acquire guest posts

Guest posting and guest contributor columns allow you to contribute content to another company’s blog in exchange for a link back to your own site, exposure for your brand, and referral traffic.

It’s a win-win situation:

  • FREE expert material for the site
  • Visitors learn to level up.
  • The promotion and backlinks you require are provided.

How do you discover guest posts?

There are some methods for locating appropriate weblogs and post material.

  1. One easy one is to type niche-related inquiries into Google’s search bar and choose first-page websites. Be sure to read People Also Ask. 
  2. Instead of brainstorming new search terms, use Answer The Public to list these queries. 
  3. Most sites on the first page of search results have high DA, but a few don’t. 
  4. You should check the site’s DA score before contributing.
  5. See if a suitable blog has a guest post program by checking the header and footer. 

#12. Create brand mentions and authority with HARO.

Help A Reporter Out, or HARO is a service that puts reporters in touch with sources, such as bloggers. The platform is used by public relations experts and content marketers for building authoritative inbound links.      

Once you’ve signed up and subscribed to the appropriate topics, you’ll receive frequent requests for sources in your inbox. 

Three times a day, Monday through Friday, HARO will send out an email with fresh inquiries. 

-After selecting the most relevant requests, you will need to respond by writing an email and sending it to the email listed in the inquiry.

-By requiring authors to list the website where their articles will be published, you can be sure that only reputable sites will host your links.

You may develop a large number of high-quality links to your homepage far more quickly with this method than with guest posting or more conventional forms of link-building outreach.

Hopefully, HARO will let you know if they use your response.    

However, even if the author chooses to include your feedback, they may not indicate that they did so. 

Many people will share the content on LinkedIn and tag you if you send them your social media.

#13. Boost Your Social Indications

When determining a page’s rank, search engines consider various social media signals. 

Search engines consider a page’s overall social media presence, including the number of likes and shares it has received, as well as its visibility.

In this sense, it can be considered a measure of domain reputation.

The following are examples of social cues: 

Quantity and quality of tweets and retweets, as well as the social status of tweeters as measured by the size of their following.

  • Facebook shares
  • Referrals from social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon
  • Search engines may assign more value to your page if it has a high number of positive votes of confidence from readers in the form of likes and shares. 

Therefore, greater overall participation in social media can increase your domain authority and improve your search engine rankings. 

#14. Use site navigation properly 

A well-organized site will always perform better than one that is not.

The navigation system of a site is also known as its internal connecting structure. Your internal site links are what this term describes. 

They not only help users navigate your site but also show search engines which pages are present. 


When you go to a supermarket, you’ll notice that everything is neatly arranged and labeled. A well-designed system of internal links accomplishes the same thing.

You can make your site more user-friendly in a few different ways. 

  • To begin with, if you want to turn your visitors into customers, you need to provide a link to a product.
  • If you have a lot of content on your site, a mega menu might help you organize everything. They effectively categorize related topics and words and separate related content.
  • One further piece of advice is to use image carousels. They are helpful if your website has a lot of content but limited space because they take up so little space.
    Their pictures also catch the eye and sometimes the emotions.

#15. Regularly publish

To increase your domain authority, you should post content regularly. Consistent updates show that you mean business.

More than that, it helps in a new site’s indexing time on Google.

An excellent piece of advice for consistent content distribution is to write at least one post per week.

It may not seem like much now, but if you keep it up, in two months, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come. 

It’s slow going, but at least it’s progress, right?

#16. Be Patient

SEO is a long-term strategy. 

If Google’s crawler has to scan and re-index the likes of Facebook and Twitter whenever they are updated, then it will have to scan and re-index your site as well.

Leave your SEO strategy to its own devices. An Increase in Domain Authority can be achieved over time if its content is useful and interesting enough to attract even a modest audience. 

It’s important to remember that while great SEO can yield fast results, this is rarely instant.

Be patient as you progress through your digital marketing strategy. 

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Additional strategies to use domain authority in SEO

Your site’s potential search engine rankings can be estimated using Domain Authority.

This sophisticated metric, however, has additional uses. See the following for three more applications of domain authority in SEO:

1. To Select Keywords Based on DA

increase domain authority

Find out what people are searching for with the Link Explorer and use that information to improve your content. 

Choosing keywords under DA can be as simple as selecting a keyword with a lower difficulty score than your domain authority score, although this is a simplification of the technique. 

The short-term organic traffic you receive from optimizing for these less competitive keywords will help your domain authority grow in the long run.

2. Make a List of SEO Priorities

Do not stress yourself by trying to boost your website’s SEO in every possible way. 

When a general strategy produces insufficient results, narrowing in on specific metrics may be what your site needs to rise to the top of search engine results pages.

You can tell where you’re doing well and where you’re falling short if you pay attention to your domain authority and the reasoning behind your scores. 

The best way to improve your SEO is first to fix these specific problems.

3. Follow Google Rules

increase domain authority

Domain Authority is a transparent metric because its calculation is generally understood by experts in the field. 

To prevent black-hat marketers from gaming the system, Google is much more secretive, hiding some of their most valuable ranking factors and data. What Google does reveal should, therefore, be taken seriously.

Pay close attention to Google’s guidelines if you want your website to rank higher in search results.

There may be a small detail you’ve missed or an aspect of the most recent update you need to familiarize yourself with. 

No matter your strategy, it will benefit you to learn as much as possible about Google. The first step is to read their guidelines in detail and begin implementing them from scratch.

Which Domain Authority Score Is Good?

Due to the utilization of a 100-point scale, there may be a tendency to classify specific scores of Domain Authority as either “positive” or “negative.”

However, achieving a flawless Domain Authority (DA) score is an extremely difficult task that has been attained just by the most prominent and widely used websites. 

This parameter is highlighted as comparable by Moz. It is not uncommon for websites with low Domain Authority (DA) scores to achieve high rankings in search engine results.

Suppose the website in question possesses a Domain Authority (DA) of 25.

That’s not great when compared to the millions of other websites out there, but if it’s better than the competition, you can probably outrank them for competitive keywords.

The ability to outrank other high authority sites requires a high Domain Authority score.

Analyse Your Competitors’ Sites To Understand Why They Get A Better Score

Have you noticed a few competitors have a higher DA score than you?

By conducting a backlink analysis on competitors, you might learn why they are more successful than you and develop strategies that beat them.

Competitor backlink analysis is one of my favorite strategies in SEO. You’ll have an excellent understanding of why your competitors can outrank you in Google search results.

Three key pieces of information can be uncovered by a backlink analysis:

  • Uncover competitor’s building strategies
  • Find competitor’s most important backlinks
  • Analyze the backlink strategies of your competitors and see how you can copy them.

To do backlink analysis, use Ahrefs. Ahrefs has the most significant link database of any SEO tool in the world – second only to Google.

With Ahrefs, you can see every single link your competitors have.

Ready to get started with your competitor analysis? Then, follow my backlink analysis guide.

What determines domain authority?

Moz claims that they factor in 40 different signals when determining a site’s Domain Authority, among them:

  • The amount of other websites that connect to yours.
  • Incoming link quality and relevance
  • How well-written the articles are on your site
  • Domain popularity and social media presence
  • the overall SEO performance of your website

How can I determine my domain authority?

It’s simple to see what your domain authority is.

Moz’s free website feature, the Domain Analyzer, makes this possible. Visit the Moz page, where you can analyze your domain. 

Moz can instantly evaluate your domain and provide you with a DA score. You can use this method to assess competitors as well.

Measure Your Own Site’s Domain’s Authority-

  • Visit the Moz domain analysis SEO tool
  • Enter your domain name
  • Look at the resulting score to find out your domain’s authority.

Should I Check Domain Authority Often?

Consistency is key when keeping tabs on Domain Authority.

Just like when you bake a cake, if you don’t check on it frequently enough, it is going to end up burnt.

The same care must be applied when checking on websites. You run the risk of having a less qualified site than your competition if your Domain Authority isn’t closely tracked.

After making significant modifications to your site, checking your domain authority is a good practice.

Some examples of these adjustments are new product listings, revised text, and revised keyword usage.

If you see an unexpected change in your website’s traffic or online sales, doing a check is a good idea.

If you can identify what triggered the change, you can fix the underlying issue.

You may also wish to examine your domain authority if new rivals appear. Analyzing a competitor’s digital marketing strategy can help you strengthen your own.

Google Penalty: Check and recovery

increase domain authority

Every blogger’s ultimate goal is to have their blog appear near the top of search engine results and receive many more visitors.  

A drop in traffic would severely impact the majority of businesses. Google’s algorithms are frequently updated to provide a better service to users.

If you want higher rankings (and thus a higher DA), you should monitor Google’s algorithm updates and modify your site.

Tips for identifying a Google penalty.

Keep an eye on how well your site is performing. A Google penalty cannot be spotted unless the site is being monitored. Here are some resources to help you out:

Google Analytics allows you to monitor your site’s overall health and see how your organic traffic evolves.

This program is compatible with a wide variety of other SEO tools found on the web. You can do more than monitor traffic by checking your website’s ranking.

Google Search Console is another free resource that can be used to track how many people visit your site.

Semrush is an excellent tool for diagnosing and fixing any problems with your website. 

Moz also provides this valuable page for keeping up with Google’s latest changes.

Fixing your Google ranking after a penalty.

The quality of your backlinks is very important. These may cause irreversible damage to your site.

  • Avoid gaining links from the sites that have a record of penalizing their links.
  • Duplicate-content websites
  • Internet resources that are irrelevant to your niche
  • Weak-content websites
  • Gambling sites, adult content sites, etc.

It would be best if you traced your ranking drop to specific backlinks, as they account for 95% of Google penalties.

Wrapping It Up

In the end, it is advisable to avoid too much concern with one’s domain authority score.

The domain authority metric, as provided by Moz, represents the relative strength of a domain in comparison to other domains inside the Moz database.

A low domain authority (DA) score does not necessarily indicate poor performance of a website in the Google search engine.

A high domain authority (DA) score indicates progress toward favorable outcomes, although it does not provide a definitive assurance of improved ranks or increased traffic.

It is more accurate as a prediction tool.

It is advisable to consistently consider the overall goal of constructing a website that will gradually attain favorable rankings in significant search engines like Google.


increase domain authority

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority measures a website’s potential ranking in search engine results that SEO software company Moz developed.

Domain Authority ranges from 0 to 100, with higher numbers indicating better search engine rankings.

Can domain authority affect search engine rankings?

According to Google, “Domain Authority does not affect search engine results pages.”

How can domain authority be verified?

The concept of domain authority may initially appear intricate. Fortunately, the process of assessing the domain authority score for one’s website is relatively straightforward.

To complete the current project at hand, it is imperative to adhere to the following four sequential steps:

  • Access a domain authority tool
  • Please enter the URL into the relevant search field.
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the data provided by the tool.

How can I boost domain authority?

Your site’s DA can be improved in two primary ways.

  • Methods like guest posting, blogger outreach, broken link building, etc., can help you get quality inbound links. 
  • Tools like Semrush and Google’s Disavow Link can help you identify and eliminate harmful inbound links quickly and effectively.

Can domain authority grow quickly?

The actualization of positive outcomes from implementing measures designed for increasing domain authority may take a few months. 

It is attributed to the fact that optimizing a website, acquiring backlinks of superior quality, and developing high-quality content on the site requires a significant amount of time. 

Increase Domain Authority is an intelligent strategy that requires a long-term commitment rather than an instant remedy for poor rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). 




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Our strategy for developing links through guest posts is an effective method for establishing your authority in the field since it places extreme value on the delivery of good content.

Broken link Building 

Discover the hidden potential of broken link building! Our link building strategy identifies broken links on reputable websites and capitalizes on this opportunity.

We'll create valuable content that replaces the broken link and then reach out to the webmasters, presenting the solution to improve their site's user experience.

By offering a win-win scenario, we secure relevant high-quality backlinks for your website. This approach not only helps you build a robust backlink profile but also aids webmasters in maintaining the integrity of their content.

It's a highly effective link building process to enhance your website's authority while making the web a better place, one fixed link at a time.

Relationship Base link building 

The development of genuine connections with other sites in your sector is at the heart of our relationship-based approach to link development. The key to gaining high-quality backlinks, in our opinion, is to create good connections.

For mutually beneficial relationships, our employees will reach out to relevant websites, bloggers, and influencers.

Through strategic partnerships, we guarantee that your website will receive high-quality inbound links that will boost its search engine ranks and increase the number of organic visitors.

Our relationship-based strategy is a long-term link building process since it is founded on trust, credibility, and mutual respect.

Why Should I Hire A Best SaaS Link Building Agency?

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Increase your brand's profile and drive your company to a new level of online visibility with the help of our professional SaaS link building services.

We are pleased to welcome you to our SaaS Link Building Agency, where we will use our powerful saas link building experts re-building method to take your organization to new peaks.

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